Ventech Australia Pty Ltd has been trading a range of natural veneers, reconstituted veneers and reconstructed natural veneers for nearly 20 years in the Australian and Oceania region. Ventech has expanded its range to include prefinished panel products, fire rated board products and numerous options for architectural veneers pressed onto a large range of substrate options.
Our experienced staff assemble raw veneer products in our warehouse (located in Campbellfield, Victoria) into a wide range of standard and non standard veneer sheets which are dispatched to nominated panel layers all over Australia or supplied pressed onto our range of architectural board products.
We are able to produce Burls, sectional, diagonal and bookend matched veneer sheets and work from elevations and plans to ensure veneer sheets are supplied in matching runs where required.
Ventech is now fully Australian owned and its principal directors, Chris Johnstone and Terry Franklin have over 50 years experience in the veneer industry in Australia. We will happy to offer advice and solutions for any veneer project you are considering and polished or raw samples when required.