Finlight (low Density 3mm Skins)

Finlight (low Density 3mm Skins)

Finlight  (lightweight sandwich board) will revolutionize the way you view thick MDF products.


Combining two 3mm Medium Density Fiberboard sheets with a low density core produces a strong, light weight panel and in a generous size of 2440x2050 allows for unusual sized sheets not normally available.


Suitable for overlay with natural timber veneers, reconstituted veneers and laminates, Ventech's Finlight offers the next level of design creativity.


From table tops to furniture components, grooved and holed for different design patterns showing depth, internal doors and partition dividers, many uses can be found for Finlight.


Available in 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm thickness.


    Finlight Brochure            Technical Data Sheet


Finlight MDF - select to enlarge

Finlight MDF

  • 35mm 2440x2050
  • 40mm 2440x2050
  • 50mm 2440x2050 
  • 60mm 2440x2050


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